The Faculty of Dental Medicine is a state, autonomous and accredited institution of higher education with distinct mission and goals, devoted to training dental medicine specialists. It is part of the Medical University of Sofia and is the oldest state educational institution for Master's degree in dental medicine, postgraduate specialization, and a doctoral degree in accredited dental specialties. 

With protocol No 3 issued on 10.02.2022, the Accreditation Council of NEAA gives program accreditation to the specialty ''Dental Medicine'' of the regulated professions for the educational-qualification degree "Master" at the Faculty of Dental Medicine of MU-Sofia, based on a general evaluation, according to criteria 9.48. The accreditation period is 6 (six) years, following Art. 79, article 4, item 1 of the Law for Higher Education.

The Faculty of Dental Medicine provides training both in Bulgarian and English language for international students. The curricula, the organization of education and the control on acquired knowledge and skills are in line with the EU Directives and preserve the heritage and experience of the faculty in the field of dental education.

The Academic Council, consisting of 42 academic rank members and 90 non-academic rank members, manages highly professional, educational, research, clinical, consulting and expert activities.

The Faculty educational facilities include pre-clinical and clinical rooms, auditoria, classrooms, seminar rooms, a specialized library, an information center, an administrative and economic department, etc.

The training in general medicine is performed in  the premises of the Medical University - Sofia - an established center for pre-clinical and clinical education, as well as research development in all medical specialties.

The major objective of the Faculty Management Board is to continuously improve and modernize all areas of its activity - management, education, research, staff, and facilities.


Address: Str. "Georgi Sofiyski" №1,1431, Sofia, Bulgaria 
Tel.: +359 2952 05 59 
Fax: +359 2952 15 06