The General Assembly of the Faculty is a supreme governing body of the Faculty within the limits of its power and consists of the members of the academic staff of the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University of Sofia, representatives of the administrative staff, students and PhD students of the faculty. The members of the academic staff make up at least 70% of the general assembly, whereas PhD students and students - at least 15%.

The General Assembly has the following powers:

  • elects by secret vote from their habilitated members a chairman and a vice-chairman of the general assembly for the term of their office;
  • elects by secret vote a habilitated individual for the Dean of the Faculty;
  • ratifies internal regulations for the structure and activity of the Faculty, which are not contrary to these rules;
  • determines the structural and numerical composition of the Faculty Council and elects its members by secret vote. The Dean is rightfully a member of the Faculty Council and its chairman;
  • approves the Dean's annual report on the faculty's activity and the development of the academic staff;
  • discusses, amends and repeals decisions of the Dean and/or the Faculty Council;
  • makes decisions about the future work of the faculty.