Bureau of Scientific Dental Information


The most extensive dental library has been created at the Bureau of Scientific Dental Information to satisfy the needs for educational, research and clinical work of students, postgraduates, doctoral students and the academic staff of the Faculty of Dental Medicine - Sofia, as well as specialists from all over the country. The library has 1 reading hall with 40 seats. It has two computers with Internet connection for educational, social and scientific purposes.

The library provides the following services:

1. Use of the Library Fund at the Library.
2. Bibliographic services and information resources, including:

  • Bibliographic and factual information;
  • Access to the electronic databases;
  • Internet access for educational, social and scientific purposes;
  • Providing written citations and bibliographical references;
  • Individual training of users to work with electronic products and information resources.


  • Books;
  • Periodical literature and continuing editions;
  • Theses;
  • Reference Fund;
  • Catalogs.

Steam catalogs:

  • An alphabetical catalog of books in Bulgarian;
  • An alphabetical catalog of books in English;
  • Systematic catalog of books and theses;
  • Alphabetical author's catalog of theses;
  • Online Book Catalog - currently under construction for the entire available book fund.

Library rules 
Students, Ph.D. students, postgraduate students, teachers, employees of the faculty and external users are allowed access to the library. Registration and reader's card issuing requires a student's book. Registration and borrowing library materials are done only in person.
Upon registration, readers are informed about the type, place, and order of the services they can receive; about their duties and responsibilities.
Readers with pending responsibilities are not allowed to be re-registered. Readers can borrow a limited number of books at a time for home use, following the reader's category. The term loan is determined by category. Students can only borrow for home use textbooks and teaching aids related to their current studies. Readers who are not students or employees of the faculty can benefit from the library's documents on-site only.

The following library documents are not allowed to be taken home:

  • reference and periodicals;
  • theses;
  • library documents that are single copies and are often used by the readers in the reading hall, as well as textbooks in a limited number of copies, meant for the reading hall only.

Based on the Ordinance on the Protection of Library Funds, all readers have obligations, the violation of which results in material liability.


Databases for scientific information

EBSCOhost Database in Part and “Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source” http://search.ebscohost.com - The password is retrieved at the library.

ScienceDirect - https://www.sciencedirect.com/

SCOPUS - https://www.scopus.com/

ISI Web of Knowledge - https://apps.webofknowledge.com/


The list of dissertations and research papers in the library is annually updated.