PRE-GRADUATE INTERNSHIP – from 25 September 2023 to 22 March 2024 

 REGULAR STATE EXAMS SESSION – from 1 April 2024 to 14 May 2024

REDEEMING  STATE EXAMS SESSION – from 17 June 2024 to 05 July 2024 

ADDITIONAL STATE EXAMS SESSION – from 15 July 2024 to 26 July 2024 

The 5th year STUDENTS, passed successfully all their exams, should be present at the Centre for Integrated Dental Medicine, FDM 
on Monday, 25 September 2023 at 09.00 a.m.



                                                                      STATE EXAMS REDEEMING SESSION

The pre-graduate internship program aims to provide high professional training in the field of the studied specialty, to improve the acquired practical knowledge and skills for the development of organizational, preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and other professional competencies.

Rights and Obligations of Pre-graduate Students (Interns):

  • Students are required to follow the curriculum, the Ordinance on the internal order and the Law on Higher Education at the training base;
  • Students are required to comply with the working hours of the training base, to meet up the working requirements, to submit to instructions of their supervisors, and to implement the program specified in the Intern's Booklet, which they present at state examination;
  • A student who has not completed the undergraduate curriculum is not admitted to a state examination. He/She interrupts his /her studies or is suspended from MU-Sofia.

According to a decision of the Academic Council issued on 30.03.1992, due to the lack of regulation on the interns' status, the latter are students in VI course and receive scholarships following the general order, in line with the score shown in the previous year. Interns who, for some reason, have interrupted their pre-graduate internship, do not receive a scholarship for the interruption period. International students are not allowed to conduct their undergraduate internships abroad.

Pre-graduate Internship of students in the specialty "Dental Medicine"

  • The internship training is integrated with the Departments of Prosthetic Dental Medicine, Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Conservative Dentistry, Pediatric Dental Medicine, Orthodontics, Periodontology, and Imaging and Oral diagnostics - 1 class/day;
  • The internship duration is 1 014 hours, 14 of which are lecturing hours and 1 000 are practical training hours;
  • Students work in pairs on one dental unit;
  • Representatives of each department conduct a 1-hour weekly seminar with the interns;
  • Teaching assistantship is 1 class per day for practical activities (including 1 seminar per week);
  • Students who have not completed their semester exams are not allowed to enroll the internship;
  • The total duration of the pre-graduate internship program is six months - from 25/09/2023 to 22/03/2024 


Upon terminating their pre-graduate internship, students take six state examinations - in Prosthetic Dental Medicine, Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Conservative Dentistry, Pediatric Dental Medicine, Orthodontics and Periodontology.
State examination committees are appointed on the proposal of the Dean of the Faculty and are approved by an order of the Rector of MU-Sofia. The state exam commission of each discipline is represented by three habilitated teachers.

Regular Exam Session:  from 1 April 2024 to 14 May 2024

Resit Exam Session:  from 17 June 2024 to 05 July 2024

Additional Session:  from 15 July 2024 to 26 July 2024

Students, who have not passed successfully the state exams by the end of the last exam session, discontinue their education and reserve the right to resit exams with the next graduation class, but no more than three times and no later than one year.
Pregnant students and mothers of children up to 6 years of age, students with severe illnesses or family issues, may apply for state exam deferral, provided their exams are taken no later than three years. In case the exams have not been passed successfully within this period, these students lose their students' rights.