Erasmus + traineeship is implementation of a student internship abroad during studies and up to one year after student's graduation. This includes also "assistantship" for students - future teachers. Where applicable, the traineeship should be an integral part of the students' curriculum. Student mobility should correspond to the student's field of knowledge/academic discipline.

The traineeship period is between 2 and 12 months. A student can participate in mobilities with a total duration of a maximum of 12 months for each cycle of study (bachelor's, master's, PhD), regardless of the number and type of mobility activities, but only once within one academic year.

The average student’s grades should be minimum 4.00.


During the traineeship, the student /PhD student receives financial aid in the form of a monthly grant aimed to support the mobility. The grant is not a scholarship and does not provide full coverage of mobility costs. The host institution may offer additional remuneration, outside the Erasmus + grant, as well as accommodation of the applicant, without this being obligatory. The student/PhD student has the right to receive funding from sources other than European funds.




1st stage 
The application deadlines are announced on the faculty websites and on the information boards at the faculties. The following documents are submitted to the faculty coordinator: 
1. Application form - free text.
2. Academic transcript and certificate for student’s enrollment.
3. Motivation letter for participation in the program in the language to be used.
4. Document for proficiency in the language to be used, if any.
5. CV (European format).

A commission appointed by order of the Dean of the faculty conducts an interview with the candidates to assess their common culture, level of proficiency in the language to be used and their professional training. A protocol is prepared for the approved candidates.


2nd stage 
The protocol with the candidates approved by each faculty is deposited in the Erasmus+ office of MU-Sofia. Candidates approved for participation in the program prepare and sign the following documents: 
1. Traineeship agreement.
2. Personal bank account in EUR (in optional bank).
3. European Health Card. Additional health insurance in each insurance company for the period of stay, as the European health card only covers emergency care in a hospital.
4. The student specifies the travel dates, according to the program in the host organization.
5. Report to the Rector of MU-Sofia, prepared and signed by the faculty coordinator for Erasmus+ and agreed with the Dean of the respective faculty, for preparation of a business trip order.
6. Declaration under the Personal Data Protection Act.


Before leaving, the student receives the following documents from the Erasmus office: 
1. Individual contract for participation in the Erasmus + Program between MU-Sofia and the student. 
2. Order for business trip.

Upon arrival at the host university, the student certifies a Certificate for a period of stay in the Erasmus + office of the host organization, because the starting date is considered to be the first attendance, not the date of travel. Changes in the traineeship agreement can be made within 2-5 weeks after the start of the training. Extension of the period of stay is requested one month before the end of the mobility. Confirmation by email from the three parties is required in order these changes to accepted.


After returning from mobility, the student reports: 
1. Learning agreement for traineeships.
2. Certificate of attendance, with the dates of arrival and departure, signed and stamped by the host organization.
3. Traineeship certificate.
4. Round trip tickets, boarding passes.
5. Online report.


List of Inter-Institutional Agreements