The main goal of the faculty is to create professionals - Doctors of Dental Medicine, Masters, specialists, and P.h.D students, who are able to successfully apply the acquired knowledge and skills in the social environment to protect, restore and strengthen the dental health of the population, i.e.the faculty's mission is directed to the public needs and expectations.

By its mission and main goal, the Faculty of Dental Medicine - Sofia has the following specific objectives and tasks for the qualitative preparation of the graduating Doctors of Dental Medicine:

1. To have an understanding of the basic, biological, behavioral and medical sciences that construct the contemporary concepts of oral healthcare and its preservation;
2. To practice dental medicine in its entirety - comprehensive care for the patient without harming them or the environment;
3. To understand the ethical and moral responsibilities of dental medicine, both for the individual patient and society as a whole;
4. To treat according to the community's treatment needs for reduction of oral diseases;
5. To know the etiology and principles of biological processes at the molecular level, the pathogenesis, demographic characteristics, prevention and treatment of diseases in the oral cavity;
6. To be familiar with the pharmacology of related to dental medicine drugs and to understand their use in common diseases and their oral manifestations. To be able to prescribe the proper medication for the treatment of dental diseases;
7. To know biomaterial sciences as required by the dental practice;
8. To practice within the ethical and medical-legal requirements of the professional association;
9. To control cross infections and prevent chemical, physical and biological contamination;
10. To apply the full scope of modern practices for pain and fear management in patients when working at the dental office;
11. To acknowledge the importance of continuing professional education and qualification for making adequate progress in all areas of oral medicine;
12. To actively promote health, with particular responsibilities towards the maintenance of oral health;
13. Upon graduation, to be able to objectively evaluate the quality of their work;
14. To be able to analyze up-to-date scientific literature and implement research findings in the treatment of patients.