Faculty council


The Faculty Council is a collective governing body of the faculty, consisting of not less than 25 members and comprising representatives of the academic staff on a permanent employment contract, students and PhD students. No less than three-quarters of the members of the Faculty Council are habilitated individuals. The Chair of the Faculty Council is the Dean, who assembles the Faculty Council with a proposal for the agenda at least twice a semester.

The Faculty Council determines the directions of the educational, scientific and staff activity and the improvement of the material facilities. The Faculty Council has the following powers:

  • elects by secret vote the Vice Deans and empowers the elected head of each department;
  • proposes to the Academic Council to open, transform or terminate structural units of the faculty, as well as specialties and specializations and to declare announcements for academic posts. Decisions on these proposals are taken by a simple majority;
  • makes resolutions on the teaching activity of the faculty;
  • affirms qualification characteristics and curricula, imposes changes to them within the powers granted to it by the Academic Council and adopts and approves educational programs;
  • discusses and approves the distribution of financial and material resources;
  • makes decisions for the recruitment and professional growth of members of the faculty's academic staff;
  • decides by an open vote for announcements, enrollment, and training of Ph.D. students;
  • selects standing and temporary committees and other subsidiary bodies and determines their functions;
  • discusses plans for the publication of textbooks and teaching aids and implements publishing;
  • discusses and approves the results of the appraisal of members of the academic staff and, if necessary, submits them to the Rector for a final decision;
  • approves and regulates annually the academic workload of members of the academic staff as well as their scientific output;
  • makes a proposal to the Academic Council for the continuation of employment of the habilitated lecturers under paragraph 11 of the transitional and final provisions of the Higher Education Act.