Oral Pathology


„Oral Pathology“ is taught in the following semester: VI.

Teaching methods: Lectures, seminars, discussions, clinical cases, practical sessions, multimedia presentations, thematic training films

The course in "Oral pathology" provides the opportunity to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge and competencies for the diagnosis and treatment of different disorders and conditions that may have manifestations in the maxillofacial region. 
The dental medicine students acquire knowledge regarding pathogenesis, clinical characteristics, treatment and prognosis of the oral cavity and maxillofacial area diseases as primary pathology, as well as manifestations and symptoms of secondary general and systemic disorder exhibiting themselves in the oral and maxillofacial area.

The Curriculum in Oral Pathology (Diagnostics) allows for a comprehensive view of the patient's health, defining him as clinically healthy or medically compromised, as a significant place is devoted to diagnosing the manifestations of systemic diseases in the oral cavity and determining the etiological factors for their occurrence and course, possible risks during dental treatment , drug interactions, as well as of the dental management. 

Acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for the implementation of complex oral and focal diagnostics in the diagnosis of clinically healthy and medically compromised patients to prove the relationship between the oral and general medical diseases in accordance with modern European standards.

Forms of evaluation:

  • Assessment of the student's activity and performance during the practical exercises
  • Colloquium and test’s examination
  • Exams during a session