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Problems of Dental Medicine - 2020 - issues 1

published: 20.10.2021

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Editor: Prof. Bozhidar Yordanov, DMD, PhD



Conservative Dentistry

Digital photometric analysis of mucosal wound surfaces

Kosturkov D., E. Aleksiev


Pediatric Dental Medicine

Sleep bruxism in children - symptoms, sleep features, risk factors and treatment  (Literature review)

Dimitrova M., M. Georgieva


Parents' awareness of homeopathic medicines and their influence on oral health 

Pomakova A., N. Gateva, Kr. Hristov


Imaging and Oral Diagnostics

Latex allergy – myth or reality among professionally involved medical staff – questionnaire survey

Istatkova Y., M. Dencheva



Vertical growth pattern changes during combined treatment with fixed appliance and with functional appliance Trainer

Popova Y.


Mobile photography in dental medicine /intraoral photos/

Mariyanov M.


Dental Public Health

Opportunities for access to dental care

Nenov St., B. Bonev, Kr. Yaneva, Kr. Tsokov 


Case Report

Emergence profile of porcelain veneers and gingival design in the digital workflow

Iliev G. 




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Проблеми на Денталната медицина - 2020 - том 46