Order by the Rector concerning the educational process of the students

April 15, 2020

The Rector of MU-Sofia, Prof. Dr. Victor Zlatkov, has issued a new order (РК 36 -526/15.04.2020 y.) by which he extends the term of the non-attendance training (electronic, sound or written) until 13.05.2020., in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures and in accordance with the recommendations by the Ministry of Health, the National Operational Headquarters and other competent authorities. This new Order amends the previous Order  № PK36-379 from 06.03.2020, amended and supplemented by Order № PK36-395 from 09.03.2020, Order  № PK36-437 from 16.03.2020. and with Order  № РК36-466 from 26.03.2020.

The Order also aims:

  • To inform all students and lecturers that in connection with the pandemic of COVID-19 and the decision of the Bulgarian National Assembly from 13.03.2020, promulgated in the Official Journal № 28 / 24.03.2020 /, an order of the Minister of Health № РD- 01-124 / 13.03.2020 and by the Minister of Education and Science  № 9104-34 from 16.03.2020, and subsequent orders by the Rector of the MU-Sofia, the attendance to classes was suspended, with recommendations that it be conducted remotely. In this regard, in the letter mentioned above, the Minister of Education and Science has provisionally authorized, for the period of emergency, the distance learning to be applied in the regulated professions, incl., in the various fields of medical education. 

  • In case of need for attendance training, such as internships, clinical placements, exams, etc., the heads of individual educational units, after consultation with the deans and directors of the other university structures, should establish a clinical practical training organization immediately after the end of the state of emergency. Exercise should be in the volume specified in the requirements for each field and specialty for the respective regulated profession and at a time convenient to the relevant departments and clinical bases, subject to all anti-epidemic measures, as recommended by the authorized health authorities.

  • Please note that the distance learning (electronic, audio and written), inlc. lectures, seminars, clinical cases, etc., is conducted according to the tradition, practice and capabilities of each faculty, and on platforms, according to the specifics of the departments and other teaching structures.

  • The ban on academic trips, internships and business trips of academic staff, administration and students continues until 31.05.2020, recommending plans for similar future trips, including those related to mobility projects, internships and research engagements in the country to be delayed and comply with the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Operational Headquarters and the health authorities.

  • All other orders entered into force with orders by the Rector of the MU-Sofia with № PK-36-437 / 16.03.2020 and № PK-36-462 / 24.03.2020 shall remain in force until the end of the state of emergency until the expiry of the additional periods specified in the decisions of the Extended Rector-Dean’s Council.

  • If necessary, additional measures and decisions will be announced in a timely manner in the event of a change in the situation and recommendation of the competent authorities.