Institutional Accreditation

October 1, 2019

During the period from Sept 30.2019 to Oct 03.2019, a visit of National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency expert group was held, regarding the Institutional Accreditation of the Medical University of Sofia. The visit to the Faculty of Dental Medicine took place on Sept 30.2019, according to a preliminary schedule. The expert group members were Prof. Dr. Maria Kukleva, MD, Prof. Dr. Nelly Spasova, MD, Prof. Dr. Aspasia Sofianova and Assoc. Prof. Veselina Kondeva, MD - observer of the procedure.

Education-related matters of undergraduate, doctoral and postgraduate students were discussed. Updates on the curricula were also part of the discussion.

Internal audits within the faculty departments were also conferred. Internal audits are conducted on a preparatory checklist, which includes educational activity, research activity, specialty management and development, and quality management. The results are then outlined by the Faculty Quality Committee at their meetings.