March 20, 2020

Dear students, 
We, all professors and employees of the Faculty of Dental Medicine, MU – Sofia, are aware of all the difficulties that you experience right now – to take care of your health, that of your family and friends, and to participate full value in the forthcoming remote education at the same time. Believe us, this is the only way to save the academic year, an indispensable step towards your future graduation as Dental Medicine doctors.
We wish you to keep calm, be strong, and let us all together succeed in our effort to overcome this malady. We shall be in touch with you permanently – on the web-page of FDM, in the social network and our personal and official e-mails.
Wish you well!

Dear students,
All materials concerning the remote form of education for the period up to March 29, 2020 are already available on the official website of FDM-Sofia. You will find the information related to lectures and practical training for each discipline in the “Departments” menu, submenu "Resources". To participate adequately in the distance form of education, please follow the instructions below:

1. Lectures - get acquainted with the content of the uploaded lectures or references for theoretical knowledge.

2. Practical training

- The tasks uploaded in this submenu are mandatory for all students.

- Follow accurately the instructions for each task.

- Please send your responses to all tasks on the e-mail address of the Assist. Professors responsible for each group - for verification and evaluation. The list of the e-mails is published in submenu "Resources" for each department.

- Deadline - all materials concerning the topics for the week should be sent within 24 hours, following the week schedule sequence.

- The e-mail, sent to the Assist. Professor is considered to be an evidence for attending the educational process. The lack of response is regarded as an absence from the training.