May 16, 2020

on the procedure for conducting theoretical semester examinations and State Examinations – attendance form, at the Faculty of Dental Medicine under the emergency epidemiological conditions



І. Rules for entering the Faculty of Dental Medicine

1. The examination schedule, as well as the shifts of students’ groups are published on the website of the Faculty of Dental Medicine. On the examination day, only students of the course included in the schedule are allowed to enter.

2. Entry for the first shift starts at 8:00, for the second shift - 13:00.

3. Each student should have a face mask, gloves are optional. Students must keep a safety distance of 2.0 meters from each other.

4. Students enter the building through the main entrance of the Faculty of Dental Medicine one by one, after presenting ID card, student book and a declaration, provided and filled in on the spot.

5. For all students, their body temperature will be measured and their hands disinfected.

6. Students are directed to the auditorium determined by the schedule, in a one-way "Entering" stream.


ІІ. Accomodation of students in the auditorium

1. Students are accommodated on pre-marked seats, observing the required safety distance.

2. In Auditorium I one of the present students draws the exam questions.

3. Each department determines the specific examination form - written questions, test, clinical task, etc., for which the students will be notified in advance. The students will receive a set of paper sheets and printed matter in the auditorium. Use only blue pens for writing.

4. The duration of the Semester exams is 90 minutes. The duration of the State exams is 120 minutes.

5. All mobile phones and smart watches must be left at a place, determined by exam supervisors, upon entering the auditorium. During the exam, a check-up for presence of switched on electronic communication devices in the auditorium will be performed.

6. The beginning of the exam is determined by the Head of the examination.

7. Paper works are left on students’ desks and collected by the examination supervisors.

8. The students should leave the auditorium one by one along a marked pathway and exit.


Distribution of students by shifts, groups and auditoria


English language examinations


First shift

Students’ groups


Beginning of entering FDM


17, 18


19, 20







Second shift

Students’ groups


Beginning of entering FDM


23, 24


25, 26