Department "Prosthetic Dental Medicine"


The Department takes place in the comprehensive tuition programme for students that would like to acquire II educational and qualification degree „magister” and in education for the III educational and scientific degree „PhD”.
Organization is in place to maintain and develop the modern methods in tutoring the academic material and performing the practical exercises and assessing students’ achievements. All lectures are provided with multimedia presentation of the academic material. The lectures in Pre-clinic of prosthetic dental medicine are accompanied by demonstrations, made by assistants that visualize the practical performance of the methodologies being tutored.
The Department runs tuition in three mandatory subjects: Dental materials science, Preclinic of prosthetic dental medicine, Clinic of prosthetic dental medicine with Occlusioodontology and Gnatology, and one liberal study – Dental implantology. The tuition in the studied subjects takes place in various patterns: lectures, practical sessions, work seminars. Students’ knowledge is being assessed via: current assessments of the practical work and theoretical knowledge, grades of seminars, tests, practical and theoretical exams.

Tuition of post-graduate students takes place in the Department of prosthetic dental medicine of the major „Prosthetic dental medicine”. The tuition duration is three years.
Post-graduate students’ tuition takes place according to the curriculum verified by the Ministry of health. The programme objectiveis to systematize the state requirements towards knowledge and skills that the specializing post-graduate student should acquire at theoretical and practical point of view at modern  level, in order to develop into highly qualified doctor of dental medicine, specialist-denture technician that is capable of  working individually at the highest level of specialized prosthetic dental medicine in an office, centre or department.
Since the establishment of the Department of prosthetic dental medicine over 500 doctors of dental medicine, both Bulgarian and foreign successfully graduated the specialization.
In the Department of prosthetic dental medicine tuition takes place in III educational and scientific degree „PhD”of scientific major – „Prosthetic dental medicine”.

The Department of prosthetic dental medicine enjoys many years of experience in the R&D field. The lecturers in the Department of prosthetic dental medicine took part in the creation of: 32 textbooks, 24 manuals and 42 monographies. 39 PhD dissertations were defended. The main directions of developing Department’s R&D include: gnathology and occlusiodontology; denture implantology; aesthetical dentures; implementation of lasers in prosthetic dental medicine and in implantology.

The Department of prosthetic dental medicine has the following aulas: 6 with 59 workplaces; 2 for materials science with 26 workplaces; 6 pre-clinical aulas for prosthetic dental medicine with 83 workplaces; 1 office for post-graduate students with 3 workplaces; 1 seminar aula with 25 seats; 2 clinical technical aulas with 60 workplaces and 1 pre-clinical technical aula with 30 workplaces.
All aulas in the Department of prosthetic dental medicine were equipped with new high quality dental machines.
Other aulas and offices related to the tuition process:

  • Laboratory for materials science;
  • Dental technological laboratory to the “prosthetic dental medicine”;
  • Centre for continuous education in dental medicine that is equipped with 1 phantom aula of 16 workplaces; seminar aula with 20 seats and office in dental implantology with 2 workplaces.