The Department of Social Medicine and Public Dental Health (SMPDH) was incorporated in 1991 on the grounds of Decree of the Council of Ministers № 197 dated 07.10.1991 made public in State Gazette edition 85/1991. It is the successor of the Scientific-Organizational Methodological Section (SOMS). The Organizational Methodological Section /OMS/ was opened in 1966 in its capacity of individual structural division of the R&D Dental Institute headed by senior scientific collaborator doctor Ivan Angelov and scientific collaborators: Dr. Petar Agov, Dr. Yordan Popov and Dr. Krum Tsaribashev.
Since 1992/1993 the Department of  SMPDH has been included in the tuition of dental personnel with lecturing the subject „Social medicine”, „Public dental health” аnd „Medical Psichology”.
In the Department we hold tuition in three mandatory academic subjects – „Social medicine and medical ethics” and „Medical psichology” – in the II course; „Public dental health” – in the III course.



Dr.  Ivan Angelov
Head of the Department in the period 1966-1973.



Dr. Stefan M. Staykov, PhD
Head of the Department in the period 1973-1982.
Dissertation, degree PhD.Staykov, St. M.: Impact of orthopaedic treatment of masticatory apparatus on the function of the digestive system.1969, FDM, MU-Sofia.


Аssoc. Prof.  Krum Nikolov Tsaribashev, PhD
Head of the Department in the period 1982-1994.
1935 – Born in Sofia, BG
1958 – Graduated FDM, MU-Sofia, BG
1970 – Co-partner in the organizational-methodological section of the FDM, MU-Sofia
1983 Senior scientific collaborator
1977 – scientific degree PhD
Dissertation, degree PhD. Tsaribashev, K. N.: Ergonomic optimization of the terms and conditions and improving the effectiveness of dental work. 1977, FDM, MU-Sofia.

Prof. Dr. Tsvetko Yolov Yolov, PhD, DSc
Head of the Department in the period 1994-2009.
1943 – Born in village of Kameno pole, region of Vratsa, BG
1969 – Graduated FDM, MU-Sofia, BG
1972 – Scientific collaborator in the Scientific institute of social hygiene and public healthcare, FDM, MU-Sofia
1973-1980 – Specialist in direction „Dental assistance” to the Ministry of people’s health
1980-1990 – Head of direction „Dental assistance” to the Ministry of people’s health
1980 – Assistant in Department of Dental Public Health, FDM, MU- Sofia
1989 – Associate-Professor
2002 – Professor, FDM, MU – Sofia
2003-2007 – Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University – Sofia
1974 – specialty „Social hygiene and healthcare organization”
1979 – specialty „General Dentistry”
2001 – specialty „Prosthetic Dentistry”
1980 – scientific degree PhD
2001 – scientific degree DSc
Dissertation, degree PhD. Yolov, Ts. Y.: Approach towards therapeutic-diagnostic and prophylactic operations in the district dental polyclinics.1980, FDM, MU-Sofia, рр. 143.
Dissertation, degree DSc. Yolov, Ts. Y.: The dental health of elderly people in Bulgaria. 2000, FDM, MU-Sofia, рр. 345.