Colloquia and State Examinations


The colloquia provided for in the curriculum are held before a committee, determined by order of the Rector of the institution of higher education, consisting of at least two members.
Residents who have completed the relevant curriculum and individual syllabus as required by the ordinance by 30 April for the exam session in May and by 30 November for the exam session in December are admitted to state examination for a specialty. The assessment of whether the curriculum is executed following the requirements of this Ordinance shall be carried out under conditions, determined by the higher education institution, which registered the resident and issued the booklet for specialization. The state exams for the specialty are organized annually and take place in two exam sessions: from May 1 to May 31 and December 1 to December 31. Specialists are entitled to one state examination per specialty within one exam session.
For admission to the state examination, the residents apply from February 1 to February 28 for the exam session in May and September 1-30 for the December exam session, by submitting an application to the Rector of the institution of higher education.

The following documents shall be annexed to the application:
1. Specialization booklet;
2. Document issued by the training base, certifying the implementation of the curriculum, including operations performed, manipulations, etc. to the required number of clinical activities stated in the curriculum;
3. Certificates of the modules/sections of the syllabus passed, conducted off base;
4. Certificates of theoretical knowledge training;
5. A testimonial from the Advisor of the specialization for the practical work realized during the training and the implementation of the individual training plan, as well as a list of competencies and skills acquired by the specialist.