Administrative Service



The Education Department at the Faculty of Dental Medicine is responsible for the entire organization of the students' education - from their first year of enrollment until their graduation.
The main activity of the Education Department is related to the organization, management, and control of the overall administrative activity at the faculty, and is achieved through:

  • daily troubleshooting for students, via submission of applications to the Dean;
  • registering new and current students in their relevant courses;
  • semester verification and verification of the academic year via signing the Register Book and the students' books following the established order;
  • writing a report to the Dean's Council about student and other problems, according to the Organizational Rules and Regulations of the academic year;
  • preparation of diplomas, academic reports, verification of foreign documents
  • issuing certificates and examination protocols;
  • issuing academic references, diplomas and European diploma annex.

Semester enrollment deadlines: Students are required to enroll in the corresponding course (semester) within one week of the beginning of the semester.

Schedule of classes and exam sessions for the 2022/2023 academic year:

Winter semester from  26.09.2022  to  13.01.2023
January Exam Session from  17.01.2023  to  17.02.2023
Summer semester from  27.02.2023  to  09.06.2023
June Exam Session from  13.06.2023  to  14.07.2023
September Resit Exam Session from  28.08.2023  to  15.09.2023



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