We would like to inform you that the state exam in Pediatric Dental Medicine will last two astronomical hours (120 minutes) and will include:

  1. Test on all the material studied in the discipline Pediatric Dental Medicine (Pre-clinic, Dental Prophylaxis, and Clinic). The test will include 35 questions, which will be of varying degrees of difficulty. The time to finish the test will be 45 minutes.
  2. A written question from the announced syllabus, which must be developed in detail for 50 minutes.
  3. A clinical task, similar to those that are solved and discussed during distance learning. The time to complete it will be 15 minutes.

Each part of the exam will be important in forming the final grade.

On the day of the exam, each student must present:

  1. Student book.
  2. The complex examination of a child (from the pregraduate internship).
  3. Certified documents from the terminative stage of the pregraduate internship in Pediatric Dental Medicine.


21.04.21                                  Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Dr. N. Gateva