Dear students,

Based on the order PK-36-437 / 16.03.2020 from the Rector of the Medical University of Sofia regarding the state of emergency in the country due to the epidemic of the Coronavirus, the education in the Medical University-Sofia, respectively in the Department of Paediatric Dentistry, will continue via distance learning for the period of the emergency.
The scheduled lectures will be uploaded to the Faculty’s website, subsection “Department of Paediatric Dental Medicine – Resources”.
On the web site of the department, you will find the e-mail addresses of all professors and assistants. Each student should contact their assistant immediately via email, which becomes a means of communication.
At the emails of each group, you will receive specific questions about each topic. The student should become acquainted with the lecture material and the literature on the topic, after which he/she should answer the questions and tasks. The questions will be from the lecture, from the subject of the practical exercises, and there will be clinical tasks for the students of the 4th and 5th courses in the clinic of pediatric dentistry.
Each student has to write the answer and to send it to the assistant e-mail address, listed on the department's website.
tudent answers will serve to acknowledge the presence of the lecture and the exercise. Attendance is acknowledged when answers to the questions and tasks are a minimum grade of good 4. At a lower grade, the process is repeated in accordance with the assistant's recommendation.
The written materials presented by each student in the respective group are proof of the exercise presence.
Currently, distance learning is foreseen for a period of 4 weeks, or as follows:

  • For the second year - discipline “Oral embryology, histology and biology” - 2 exercises;
  • For the third-year – discipline “Prevention of oral diseases” - 2 exercises;
  • For the third-year – subject “Clinic of pediatric dentistry” - (Phantom course) - 4 exercises;
  • For the fourth-year – discipline “Clinic of pediatric dentistry” - 4 exercises;
  • For the fifth-year – subject “Clinic of pediatric dentistry” - 8 exercises.

List of email addresses of the members of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry

Prof. Dr. Milena Peneva -

Prof. Dr. Maya Rashkova -

Prof. Dr. Rositza Kabaktchieva  -

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nataliya Gateva -

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Liliya Doitchinova -

Dr. Nadezhda Mitova -

Dr. Peter Bakardjiev - 

Dr. Milena Georgieva -

Dr. Nikolay Sharkov -

Dr. Petko Bakardjiev -

Dr. Krasimir Hristov -

Dr. Hristina Tankova -

Dr. Zornitsa Lazarova -

Dr. Marianna Atanasova -

Dr. Zdravka Yaneva -

Dr. Nedana Georgieva -