Social Medicine and Medical Ethics




„Social Medicine and Medical Ethics" (SMME) is taught in the following semester: IV.
Forms and methods of education: lectures, seminars, discussions, solving cases, implementation of a task, multimedia presentations.

SMME course gives an opportunity for gaining theoretical knowledge and competence about:

  • Public health specific features, its measuring and factors that influence it;
  • Methods of scientific research;
  • Moral principles that regulate professional activity of the dental doctor.

Generating basic knowledge about global problems of public health and their solving as well as abilities for solving ethical conflict situations in professional practice.


  • Generating basic knowledge about modern concept related to health;
  • Generating basic knowledge about health social factors, measuring of Public health, health risk groups, tendencies in development of health condition of particular public groups;
  • Introduction to methods of scientific research – collecting and analyzing literature data, formulating aim, analyzing the results;
  • Forming knowledge about basic principles in medical ethics, standards for good dental practice, requirements in ethical codex of Bulgarian Dental Association, ethical norms in dental medicine as a part of international documents;
  • Acquiring abilities for solving conflicts of moral essence in clinical practice.

Forming of marks:

  • giving marks for students’ activity during the semester;
  • examination during the summer session.