Medical Psychology





„Medical Psychology“ is taught in the following semester: III.
Forms and methods of education: Lectures, seminars, discussions, and case studies, implementation of the assignment, multi-media presentations, and role games.

The course in "Medical Psychology" provides an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills corresponding to the contemporary understanding of the bio-psycho-social model of medicine. The training provides basic knowledge in psychology, understanding the norm in psychology, also obtained concepts such as stress and anxiety, one of the main tasks of teaching students to acquire knowledge and skills for communication in dental practice.

The purpose of the training is learning the psychological knowledge and skills to implement a holistic approach of organizing dental assistance in compliance with the European standards of healthcare. The acquired psychological preparation will allow future dentists to develop their communication skills with patients, teamwork and conducting dental care.


1. The students have to understand basic rules and principles of the development of psyche (norm and pathology) and its role and connection with the originating development and course of the disease;
2. The students study the behavior of patients and their difference during the disease. This can help them better organize and conduce dental care;
3. We make a professional characteristic of dental medicine according to psychology and concerning that we teach our students about the main source of stress in the dental practice and the methods for its reduction;
4. The anxiety is one of main conditions, a barrier for access to dental care. The condition of dental phobia and methods for treatment are the main problem of studying;
5. The task of teaching is implementing of psycho-social approach of communication between the staff and patients and the organization of the working environment.


  • Giving marks for students’ activity during the course;
  • Examination during the winter session.