Dental Student Association - Sofia was established on 07.06.2021. Its main goal is to bring together energetic, ambitious and goal-oriented students who want to develop outside of academic activities and participate in the organization of various events that strive for the development of the Faculty of Dentistry and its students. To date, the association has over 50 active members who develop their organizational and communication skills at each event. One of our main philosophies is "Together we can do better", so we value teamwork very much. Our family is made up of a Board of Directors and regular members.

Board of Directors : 

President – ​​Radina Moskova (5th year)

Deputy Chairman – Stefan Kisyov (6th year)

Secretary – Ivana Gatseva (2nd year)

Cashier – Eva Pavlova (6th year)

Public relations – Nia Belcheva (5th year)


Our projects:

One of the main and big ideas that we implement is the Annual Dental Student Congress of DSA - Sofia. It was held for the first time in May 2022 and the tradition was continued last May 2023. We are happy and proud of the fact that we reaped great success and the participants of the event exceeded 330 people. The theme of the convention each year is a palette of colors that is presented in a diverse and intriguing way for students. Topics are developed and presented by well-loved teachers. We had the honor of having some guest speakers take part, some of whom were Prof. Ignazio Loi and Prof. Danimir Jevremovic. In addition to the presentation panels at the congress, the students took part in a large number of practical classes and competitions in various disciplines (prosthetic dentistry and conservative dentistry). The ambitions of our team are that every year the Dental Student Congress achieves new heights in the field of education.

In December 2023 our Christmas cocktail was held for the first time, in which students from first to sixth year took part, as well as teachers from all departments at FDM - Sofia. The cocktail party brought together both good music and pleasant company, as well as interesting and fun games aimed at getting to know and bringing the guests together.

For another year, active members from DSA-Sofia took part in cleaning the common areas around the university in the event of Green Bulgaria - "World Cleaning Day".

DSA - Sofia also participates in all important events of FDM - Sofia, some of which are: Day of the freshman, all celebrations and ceremonies related to the higher educational institution. Throughout the academic year, the members of the association participate in the organization of a large number of lecture days, which are presented by various lecturers.


Any of you who wish to become part of our family can do so by.