Application terms and conditions


Eligible applicants for the Medical University of Sofia are:

  • Bulgarian citizens, who have completed secondary education, giving them the right to continue their education in higher schools with grades in biology and chemistry in their diploma for the specialties Medicine, Dental medicine and Pharmacy;
  • Foreign citizens, permanent residents in the country;
  • Persons with dual citizenship, one of which is Bulgarian;
  • Citizens of the European Union and the European Economic Area /by the admission rules for Bulgarian citizens/;
  • Persons who do not serve sentences until the beginning of the academic year;
  • Persons under Art. 68, para 3 of the HEA;
  • Persons who have lost student's rights for more than 5 years from the date of their expiry;
  • Winners of national and international Olympiads in biology and chemistry (rating Excellent 6.00).

Entrance Exams
Applicants for a Master's degree in Dental Medicine at the Faculty of Dental Medicine sit for written exams in biology and chemistry (early exam session/regular exam session).
The written exam in biology is 4 hours and includes writing on four topic-based units: one from the 8th-grade program, two from the 9th-grade program and one from the 10th-grade program. The units are fully consistent with the teaching material taught in Secondary School and are presented in a text identical to the one mentioned in the synopsis.
The written exam in chemistry is 4 hours and covers material taught in high schools, included in the admission program. The exam consists of solving logical problems.

Assessment and Grading
Assessment criteria of written works in biology and chemistry is announced on the day of the exams (at №15 Acad.Iv.Geshov Blvd., and at the website of the Medical University of Sofia.
After the announcement of the exam results, applicants reserve the right to identify their written work on a day, specified by the Department of Students' Education of MU-Sofia.
The results of the written work are not subject to review or reassessment. Grade "excellent 6.00" on a National or International Olympiad in biology, chemistry or both, is only recognized as valid when supported with a certificate from the Ministry of Education and Science.
The results of the entrance exams are final and are valid only for the year in which the exams were taken.

Results & Rankings
Тhe score needed for a Master's Degree in Dental Medicine is the sum of the grades:

  • in biology and chemistry from the State exams /if such are not present, the grades in biology and chemistry are taken from the diploma for secondary education/;
  • double the sum of the grades in biology and chemistry from the entrance exams;

The maximum score is 36 and the minimum score for participation in the ranking is 24. Admission results and ranking for Medicine, Dental Medicine, and Pharmacy can be found at the National Center of Public Health and Analyses (NCPHA), bul.Acad.E.Geshov № 15, on the 1st floor and at the webpage of the university: