C L A S S   O F   2020


The awarding of diplomas to graduates from class of 2020 marks a new beginning in their personal and professional life. We are proud to state that 168 Bulgarian students and 62 foreign students graduated successfully and acquired the right to practice as dentists. 
Class of 2020 graduates with one winner of “Golden Hippocrates” and 11 excellent students - 10 Bulgarian and one foreign student, who were awarded honorary certificates of faculty of Dental Medicine-Sofia. At the initiative of the Student Council at MU-Sofia, approved by a decision of the Academic Council of MU-Sofia from 26.10.2020, excellent students receive financial prizes.
We are extremely proud to announce that this year Dr Radina Taskova completed her training with full honors, for which she was awarded "Golden Hippocrates". With a decision of the Academic Council of MU-Sofia from 26.10.2020 she received a financial prize in the name of Dr. Andrey Georgiev.
Many foreign students from different countries around the world  prefer FDM-Sofia for their training in dental medicine. Despite the difficulties during the educational process, they managed to graduate successfully, thanks to their persistence in training and the support of their teachers.
Among the successful graduates of the Class of 2020 is Dr Pietro Mauro, who completed his studies with excellent marks and overall result of 5.83 - the highest success to date for foreign students.

Prof. Dr. Bozhidar Ivanov Yordanov, PhD
Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University of Sofia

Dean’s Graduation Speech - 2020

Dear graduates, esteemed colleagues, 
It is a great honour and privilege for me, on behalf of my vice Deans and speaking for myself, to greet you, the graduates of the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Sofia Medical University, class of 2020, on this humble ceremony for handing over your university diploma.
Graduation is a very special and festive event of your life. It is a symbol of a turning point, new page, new big step, new beginning in your professional career.
Being alumni of the Faculty of Dental Medicine – Sofia, your vocation is to contribute to the development and prestige of our profession, for the benefit of human society.
All of us, your professors, are absolutely certain, that you will be worthy ambassadors of our educational institution and constantly upgrading our excellent reputation.
I believe that you, the graduates of Sofia Faculty of Dental Medicine, regardless of the area of dental practice you will work, will have the opportunity to enrich the lives of people around you, and you will do it with dignity.
In the process of your professional realization, my appeal for you is to always remember why you have this noble profession and all the difficulties you have had to get the knowledge and manual skills for one purpose – to serve society and work for improvement of the quality of life of your patients – with compassion and honesty.
Our educational philosophy is to urge our graduates for learning and professional perfection throughout life and to encourage their contribution to oral health – on a national level and globally.
I would be extremely joyful in the future, when you would have become successfully practicing doctors – do not forget your professors and fellow students. We all will be always proud of your achievements and professional success.
Finally, I would like to give special thanks to your parents - for their full support during those difficult and challenging years at the University.
I wish you health, remarkable professional realization, good life and prosperity.
Good luck, dear dental medicine doctors!

Dr Pietro Mauro

Graduation speech of Dr Pietro Mauro

Dear colleagues and guests, 
I’m honored to present this year’s farewell speech to our graduation of 2020. Family, you are not here, friends neither, but it feels like you are here. I can see my mother’s eyes full of love, the huge proud smile of my father and the excitment from my siblings and my friends. These extraordinary conditions that we are living on these days make this ceremony different than it could be.
So, let me start by congratulating all the graduates! WELL WE DID IT! This ceremony tells us that we are now prepared to begin our life and achieve our life purpose.
During these years I can remeber myself dealing with challenging situations such as communicating and cooperating (with people) in foreign language, countless hours of studying, the hard work at the practical exercises and the demanding examinations. Despite the hard situations, I can also remeber cheerful moments. In addition I had the possibility to come in contact with people from all over the world, their cultures,their point of view.
Unfortunately, our student’s life came to the end and now a new door is opening to our lifes. Don’t be affraid  of the unknown! And as my ancestors used to say: SAPERE AUDE, which means dare to know. We are scientists, we are obligated to contribute to the knowledge, we are committed to make people smile with a beautiful smile, so dare to know, dare to explore and never forget your humanity.
At this time, I would like to thank several important members of my life that either encouraged or supported me through this incredibile journey: my father, my mother and my brothers Domenico and Vincenzo.
Furthermore, I wish to express my warm thank and gratitude to all of you and being able to affirm that the city of Sofia and this university have become my second home and I will be proud to share this experience in Italy. This does not represent the end of my life here in Bulgaria but the beginning of a new professional path and I will surely return here with affection.
I would also like to thank the professors, doctors, the dean and all the members of the university. Thank you for your time, for educating, teaching us and giving us feedbacks to help improving our skills.
I will conclude my speech by wishing the graduates, my colleagues, good luck and a bright and successful life.
Congratulations, Честито, Syncharitíria!
Thank you!