The awarding of diplomas to graduates from class of 2020 marks a new beginning in their personal and professional life. We are proud to state that 168 Bulgarian students and 62 foreign students graduated successfully and acquired the right to practice as dentists.

Class of 2020 graduates with one winner of “Golden Hippocrates” and 11 excellent students - 10 Bulgarian and one foreign student, who were awarded honorary certificates of faculty of Dental Medicine-Sofia. At the initiative of the Student Council at MU-Sofia, approved by a decision of the Academic Council of MU-Sofia from 26.10.2020, excellent students receive financial prizes.

We are extremely proud to announce that this year Dr Radina Taskova completed her training with full honors, for which she was awarded "Golden Hippocrates". With a decision of the Academic Council of MU-Sofia from 26.10.2020 she received a financial prize in the name of Dr. Andrey Georgiev.

Many foreign students from different countries around the world  prefer FDM-Sofia for their training in dental medicine. Despite the difficulties during the educational process, they managed to graduate successfully, thanks to their persistence in training and the support of their teachers.

Among the successful graduates of the Class of 2020 is Dr Pietro Mauro, who completed his studies with excellent marks and overall result of 5.83 - the highest success to date for foreign students.