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Dear students, the Dean's Council of Faculty of Dental Medicine, MU-Sofia does not tolerate and does not respond to anonymous signals related to the education of students and their academic relations with teachers.

Specific actions are taken only when the submission of information is made according to the established procedure personally by the student/students or their legal representatives.






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Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine

Prof. Dr. Bozhidar Ivanov Yordanov, PhD

Dean’s welcome message:


Welcome to the official website of the Faculty of Dental Medicine - Medical University of Sofia!


The Faculty of Dental Medicine in Sofia, Bulgaria, founded in 1942, is the oldest state educational institution for Dental Medicine, with a history of 78 years.

More than 1400 bulgarian and international students from 58 countries of the world get knowledge and professional skills under the supervision of erudite lecturers and teachers - 18 professors, 28 associate professors, 20 chief assistant professors and 64 full-time assistant professors. All of them are professionals, passionate about their work, and eager to contribute to the successful completion of your dental-medical education and prepare you for your career as dental medicine doctors.

Becoming an excellent dental medicine doctor requires more than just good grades. We encourage you to take advantage of our programme, where the emphasis is on clinical thinking through participation in patient care, development of strong clinical skills, and responsible professional behavior.

On behalf of the Governing Body it is my great pleasure and privilege to give you a warm welcome to the Faculty of Dental Medicine - Medical University of Sofia. We are pleased that you have chosen to spend the next 6 years with us at this step of your professional development. I am certain that you will have a meaningful experience.


Prof. Dr. Bozhidar Yordanov, DMD, PhD