Physiotherapy is a part of the education during IX semester.

Dental Physiotherapy is a subject that allows the students to learn diagnostic methods and treatment of dental diseases. They include clinical application of currency, lasers, ultrasonic, microwaves, magnets etc. 
The methods applied in Dental Physiotherapy can support pulp diagnostics and treatment of pulpal and periododntal diseases.
Through physiotherapy procedures could be treated diseases that involve hard dental tissues, endodntium, periodontium, mandibular joint, neuritis and neuralgia in maxillo-facial region, etc.
Faculty of Dental Medicine is well-equipped for education and successful treatment.


The Department of Conservative Dentistry offers free-elective courses, accepted by the department council:

Topics: Application of lasers in Dental Physiotherapy.

Program:.7 lectures are planned. They reveal structure, types of lasers, application protocol of low and high energy lasers in the different fields of dental medicine. Lectures- 14 school hours, Credit- 1.

Teachers: Prof. Uzunov, Dr. Kalchinov, Dr. Dogandjiiska, Dr. Georgieva, ordinator and demonstator- Dr. Grozdanova. Guest lecturers- Prof. Vassileva, Dr. Sveshtarova, eng. Roshkev. Leading teacher- Prof. Uzunov.

1 Lecture: Physics of laser systems applied in Dental Physiotherapy.
2 Lecture: София.Technical structure of physiotherapeutic laser systems. Bulgarian laser systems created with the support of Faculty of Dental Medicine.
3 Lecture: Biological effect of lasers.
4 Lecture: Application of laser systems in cariesology and endodontics.
5 Lecture: Application of lasers in complex treatment of periodontal and mucosal diseases.
6 Lecture: Application of lasers in complex treatment of oral surgery diseases and implantology.
7 Lecture: Application of lasers in complex treatment in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics.

Duration:  5th course, summer semester.